Mr. Vipin Tolia

Chairman, Precicomp India

Mr. Vipin Tolia, Chair person at Precicomp India has always had one single motto."No Compromise with Quality and Service" which has took company to a leading position in compressor parts segment. His eyes have always been searching for new opportunities and ideas for the progress of the company.

His message to world goes on to single line which conquers a whole lot of meaning in its own. "STRAIGHT SUPPORT TO THE POSITIVITY, POSITIVELY." Our director has been a helping hand not only to the company but to the society also. The secret of company's success solely goes in hands of Mr VipinBhai Tolia.

Mr. Yash Tolia

CEO, Precicomp India

Yash Tolia, a young entrepreneur, in his mid-20s is the perfect example of the saying 'LIKE FATHER LIKE SON'. On to the way of his father and always keen on how to find a newer way to take his company to even newer heights, Yash has proved what exactly a young entrepreneur can do.

Yash always has his eyes focusing on to the tempting opportunities and grabbing new clients from every corner possible. Yash has been so keen from his early days to get his company to even greater heights where his father has taken it.

Our Courageous Team

Our team consists of highly skilled workers and employees who always focus on the benchmark set at the international market. We have bunch of those employees who are totally active towards achieving only single goal, i.e. QUALITY PRODUCT.

The team is always ready with full preparations for any obstacles coming their way and are always up for the new challenge and accept it whole-heartedly. The group of employees are so ready in a way that they can turn any impossible to the possible.